Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers in 2020

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1. Eye catching trailer video:-

A trailer video is what gets your channel the boost it needs. Suppose a viewer on YouTube visits your page, the trailer video automatically plays which should represent your channel’s content and if viewer finds it interesting it automatically increases your chances of gaining a subscriber.

2. Thumbnail:-

There are more chances that thumbnail can get you views than the title. An attractive thumbnail makes the viewer check out the video which can eventually lead to gain of a subscriber. There are many software available to design a killing thumbnail like “Canva”. visit the link to know more information - https://bit.ly/2vZNMBs

3. Follow the ongoing trend:-

“Mukbang” or otherwise known as eating show gained a hype for some time which is nothing but a creator sits in front of the camera and records him/her-self while he/she eats one or many dish. If one follow such trend relating to his theme of the channel can lift up the view count as YouTube’s algorithm might put it in recommendation list of the viewers.

4. Hashtags:-

Hashtags work like magic for uplifting one’s video. If a viewer searches a particular keyword and the creator has put up that keyword than there are more chances of one’s video to show up in the list of searched videos.

5. Theme based content:-

Coming up to the contents part, if one is a beginner on the YouTube platform, he/she should stick up to a theme for the channel. One of the best example is the channel name “Dude Perfect”. The channel’s theme is based on sports and relating content. Once one gain significant number of subscriber, then content other than theme can be created like the “Overtime”, a series created by the channel mentioned above.

6. Social media reach:-

One’s audience should have the required platform to interact with him/her. One should manage the social media account properly so as to reach as much public as possible through various platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. Also creator should post contents about oneself or the contents he is creating to keep the audience updated and make one’s portfolio strong and attractive. The more one’s updated the more audience will stick to it.

7. Poll:-

YouTube provides a very useful feature for the creator as well as his/her audience. A creator can know the likings/interest of his/her audience by using the poll feature in which he/she can know what type of content does the audience wants and can improve accordingly.

8. Promotions:-

One can promote his/her channel by using social media by promoting its content in the form of advertisements which can eventually expand to more number of public and can boost up the channel’s growth to a great extent.

9. Collaborations:-

Collaborations with other YouTube creators can help both the creators as audience of both the parties might check out other’s content and is also a brilliant way to boost up the public in terms of view count and subscribers.

10. Organising the channel’s content:-

Audience may not watch everything on the channel. There are many audience which are selective and watch a particular channel’s content just for a particular series or a particular genre that they like. One can attract such audience by creating a playlist for such audience so that thy stick to the channel and may also explore other type of videos made by the creator. An organised channel can attract more audience than an unorganised one.

11. Eye popping channel logo:-

A channel’s logo could be treated as a thumbnail for the creator’s channel and somewhere it plays a great role in attracting audience. If the channel features a brand then it can put a high resolution image of its logo or if an individual creator than can put an attractive image using editing software like “Final Cut pro”.

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