Tuesday, April 28, 2020


Wearied? Watch a startling movie!
Sluggish? Listen to a breathtaking melody and delve into your beauty sleep!
Ecstatic? See a standup and laugh your lungs out! Well, not literally. 
Anxious? View various mediations tactics showcased by experts to calm your running mind!
Gloomy? Witness surreal acts of primetime comedy; Or, better so, open your favourite emotional music video and remind yourself you're not the only one who's miserable. 
Okay, I'm kidding. 

All these and a lot more on the insanely famous AND mandatory video sharing platform with the uncannily considerate name, YouTube. 

With technology reaching its height and people all over this giant universe gaining access to the internet, YouTube becomes an absolute necessity for anyone chasing information, entertainment,
remedies, advice, suggestions, so on and so forth. 

I remember a trillion instances of me arguing with my younger brother over T.V during our school days. He just wouldn't let me watch 'One Tree Hill', broadcasted on HBO and would stick in front of the T.V for a horrid 2-hour showdown of Pokemon, Dragonball Z, Shinchan and Takeshi's Castle. Every time I'd go even slightly close to him, he'd run across the room with the remote in his hands, shouting like a lunatic. Mom, on the other hand, would be her complacent-self and advice me to let him go for he was 4 years my junior. Balls of fire would come out of my ears! 

But in 2005, with the invention of Youtube and the advancement of the social network reaching every household by the early months of 2009, there was nothing stopping me. After years of sacrifice and mediation over not to bury my brother alive(almost), I finally discovered Youtube and I couldn't thank Jesus enough! I let him watch his amateur(well, morally)shows on the big screen television we possessed and resorted to surfing videos on Youtube. To my surprise, I realized T.V shows weren't the only thing YouTube was limited to, I could literally watch anything and everything over there, ranging from DIYs for when I was bored, music videos for when I wanted to act out the 'Poo' inside of me(you know what I mean, right?), Interviews for when I wanted to gain some stakeholder insight, and T.V Series for when I was inquisitive about the proceeding plot development! 

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The potential usage of Youtube comes to hit your mind at times of total distress. Take for example, this phase of quarantine. I'm sure it's hellish for most of you out there. But for me, who's very much an introvert, it's a boon packed in an aluminium foil. So what I do for the most part of the day is doodling, learning to play my guitar by looking at every string and chord succession on Youtube, watching makeup tutorials on Youtube and putting them to life by painting my face with the novel Maybelline foundation I recently bought on Miss Malini's(the Channel's name) suggestion, viewing dance choreographies on Youtube and hopelessly trying to ace it because I've promised my best friend I'd dance with her during our Farewell bid to the seniors in College and of course, trying my hand at cooking by concentrating on every detail of every other recipe, the chef on Youtube,prepares.

Just last month, I and my friends decided to hit Pondicherry and I wouldn't lie when I tell you about my insane research regarding the place. Blogs, Vlogs, Reviews, Packages, Best places to visit, everything and a lot more I looked up on Youtube before I left for the beautiful Union Territory off the coast of Chennai. 

Having said that, I barely think anybody today, for that matter, could do without the existence and functioning of YouTube, a classic site made to reverberate our emotions within. I mean, subscribe to your favourite channels, press the bell icon to be kept updated with all of their new uploads, and there you go with your jollity and upbeat stance in life. For me, YouTube has been the elder sister I've never had(yeah, I'm dramatic sometimes). Cinematic effects apart, I personally am on no other social media sites. Neither Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, nor Twitter. But YouTube, for all I believe, is highly educational and full of self-help. No wonder there are a crashing 1.8 billion users worldwide! 

Reason enough to try it out?

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