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Important SEO Ranking Factors 2020
SEO or Search Engine Optimization is basically a tactic that enables the website to rank on the top in the search result list and thus get more views which obviously, in turn, increase the popularity and reputation of the website. Search engines deploy artificial intelligence to rank the websites as the user searches for contents, thereby providing the user with the exact information he or she wanted and rejecting the contents that are not relevant. Content creators must keep the tactics of SEO in mind to bring his or her contents in the initial rankings and eventually bring the web traffic into the website. Here, we decode the SEO factors that search engines employ to rank the websites according to their probability of utility to the user:


Often considered as one of the most efficient forms of optimization, using the keywords related to the topic that the writers are writing on and the users might search provides a huge boost in bringing the website at the initial search results. Also, it should be taken care of not to use keywords unnecessarily and extensively as doing this might result in marking the search result as spam by the search engines thus, the website might not be displayed as a search result and even if it is displayed, it will be dropped down in the last pages or so, leaving no chance of the web traffic to get in.


Search engines also rely on the content length to rank the results. The content length of approximately 2000 words is considered ideal for SEO. Too big articles will result in de-optimization and increase the bounce rate whereas too small articles might be marked spam by the engines or reduce the time spent by the users on the website. Also, interacting of the website with the users using GIFs, images, pictorial representations increase the interest of the users and they tend to spend more time on it eventually increasing the time-on-site, also known as the dwell time. The interesting fact is that dwell time, in turn, is an SEO tactic and helps in bringing the website on the top.


The more valuable the brand is, the more is the chance of the website to top the list. It is mostly seen that the topmost searches are websites of the brand that are well known throughout the world. It can safely be stated that increasing brand value increases the web traffic that enters the websites as the users know about the reputation of the company and can easily trust on their websites to find what they are looking for. The brand value will be increase by an SEO expert to promote your website online. 


This update was introduced by Google in the month of July 2018. Simply stating, the faster the website opens, the more is the chance of the website to come in the front rows. A website may contain useful information but due to lag in the opening, it might not come in front. According to the study done by the top B2C company Amazon, for each second lag in the opening of the website, there is a huge loss of approximately $1.6 million in the sales. So, it is extremely important to make the website open fast.


As a considerable number of users search the web using their mobile or smartphones, the websites that easily adapt to the smartphone or mobile screens are ranked higher than those who don’t. Also, the websites that use fonts easily visible on the small screens of the phones are ranked higher. Although a new one, the value of this factor is increasing day by day and in the years to come, it will be one of the topmost factors upon which the search results will be ranked.

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